BenQ Zowie XL2546 Review – The Best 240Hz Gaming Monitor with DyAc

Most of us know the BenQ name from many of the big gaming tournaments that seem to be constantly going on.  What really makes these displays the king of the kingdom?  This is likely because displays like the Zowie XL2546, among others, are designed for the professional gamer and nobody else.

Zowie XL2546 Rear Shot
Zowie XL2546 Rear Shot

Tech Specs

  • Max Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Refresh Rate:  240Hz (HDMI 2.0, DP only)
  • Measurement: 24.5 inches
  • Aspect Ratio: 16 : 9
  • Panel Type:  TN
  • Response Time: 1ms
  • Measurements: Height- 445.75mm – 515.43mm, Width- 569.94mm, Depth- 226.04mm
  • Inputs: DVI-DL, 2 x HDMI, DP 1.2, headphone, mic
  • USB Connectivity: 3 x USB 3.0
XL2546 Connectivity
XL2546 Connectivity

Full Motion Markers

The team at Zowie has provided full height, swivel, and tilt adjust-ability like many monitors.  Yes, we know all monitors have this, but what makes the Zowie XL2546 is it’s place-markers.

These markers allow you, the user, to find the right positioning and make sure it doesn’t change.  This is especially important when preparing for tournament play.  When you get to that next tournament you want to be just as comfortable and in the same position as your place of practice.  With the marker placement on the XL2546 you know you’ll be in the same position at the tournament station as your training arena.

XL2546 Height Markers
XL2546 Height Markers
XL2546 close quarters keyboards
XL2546 close quarters keyboards

Zowie put careful thought in providing swivel markers on the base.  They additionally have designed the base to allow butting up of the keyboard for that close quarters fit that again never changes.  This will allow even keyboard placement to stay uniform in different locations.

XL2546 Shields
XL2546 Shields

One final location Zowie has carefully placed markers is on the optional Shields.  These Shields are held in place by captive screws, and can be removed or added as needed.  These are a great addition to help drown out some of the visual distractions to the sides of your display when you are trying to really focus.  The markers again provide precise angle markings so players always have the same visual, no matter the location.

Control and Presets on the Go

Menu adjustments on this display are similar to many other monitors.  The XL2546 is equipped with a basic set of adjustable functions including DyAc, Black eQualizer, Color Vibrance and finally a full menu option that lets you adjust everything else.  If the onboard buttons are a little too basic, Zowie has come up with a solution for you.

Included with the XL2546 is what they call the “S Switch”.  The S Switch is a round puck shaped controller that powers and connects to the display via a mini USB connection.  This controller will allow for quick adjustments in the menu as well as 3-preset macros.

XL2546 "S Switch"
XL2546 “S Switch”

This means you can take the S Switch with you to tournaments if this same display will be used, or even share the S Switch between other XL2546 to quickly call up your presets for up to three different configurations.  This is especially helpful if you have plans to play a game such as CSGO and then also dabble in Players Unknowns Battlegrounds.

DyAc, BeQ, and Color Vibrance

CSGO with the XL2546 DyAc Turned on
CSGO with the XL2546 DyAc Turned on

One of the main features of the XL2546 is Zowie’s Dynamic Accuracy or DyAc.  Zowies DyAc was specifically designed for CSGO, and spraying of the weapons.  This technology provides somewhat of a buffer and increases visibility when you’re firing the weapons.  It isn’t going to make you a pro, but it definitely provides some edge.

Not being a CSGO pro, I performed many tests with and without DyAc, and had difficulty finding a place where I thought “that’s where that DyAc is coming in handy”.  Some of the other tech that came packed into this monitor however was definitely noticeable even at the non-pro level.

Black eQualizer was a big help when turned on in many titles.  The purpose of the Black eQualizer is to brighten blacked out, or darkened areas that are typically overpowered by brighter background or foregrounds.

I believe this provided additional vision in darkened areas of the maps where vision would typically be lacking.  Black eQualizer adjustment came in handy in not only titles like CSGO, but also in battle royale type games like, PUBG.

Player Unknowns Battlegrounds on XL2546 on left next to productivity monitor on the right
Player Unknowns Battlegrounds on XL2546 on left next to productivity monitor on the right

The most impressive piece to this monitor is it’s color vibrance adjustments.  This was very noticeable in PUBG.  The color vibrance takes some adjusting on the eyes, but quickly becomes apparently necessary.  In comparison to a typical productivity monitor, the colors are so blown out that it provides added vision.

XL2546, keyboard, mouse and "S Switch"
XL2546, keyboard, mouse and “S Switch”

Some may be familiar with the ReShade app and it’s ability to make color adjustments at the software level.  The XL2546 provides that same ability but built in at a hardware level.

These adjustments paired with the S Switches ability to easily bounce between preset profiles could make this monitor a great fit for many.

Should I buy it?

There are quite a few positive points to the XL2546.  You may be asking yourself at this point, “should I go for it?”.  This display is priced in at $550 US, which is somewhat middle of the road for a premium gaming monitor.

If aesthetics aren’t something you find necessary, and you just want performance, this is a great option.  If you prefer something flashy, with an intuitive interface and RGB LED’s built in, there are likely better options.

Try not to be discouraged by the fact that it was designed for tournament play, and professionals first.  You may find that this is exactly what makes the Zowie XL2546 the best gaming display for you.

XL2546 Shields in place
XL2546 Shields in place

What other key functions would you look for in a monitor like this?


Check out my Video Review of the XL2546 on YouTube here.