Corsair HS50 Review

When it comes to gaming headsets, Corsair has always been one of the true leaders in giving consumers what the want and need.  This is especially true when it comes to PC peripherals.   Now, Corsair has brought something that they have mastered to the console enthusiasts, with the HS50 headset.

Look and Feel

Corsair HS50 – New console contender

The HS50 is one of the first times we’ve really seen Corsair step out of the PC arena and into the console arena.   The design is well thought out with aesthetics in mind.

The adjustable headband strap is made of steel, and is wrapped in a leather like material with subtle Corsair text stamped in.  On the underside is a classy diamond stitching design which matches the accent colors of the HS50.  Full metal mesh on the outside of the ear cups houses Corsair’s ship logo.

Corsair HS50 – Custom stitching

The inner ear cups are designed with a soft memory foam padding similar to that of the Corsair VOID Pro’s.  The foam itself is wrapped with a leather like material.


Corsair has implemented their 50mm Neodymium speaker drivers into the HS50 providing great audio for your gaming experience.  The audio seems to provide an immersive experience without being too tinny, or bass heavy.

Corsair HS50 – Head band

The removable unidirectional microphone provides clear quality input for those long group gaming sessions.  The HS50 headset is also Discord certified for those of you who will be that platform for primary communications.

On the rear edge of the left ear cup there are controls for volume adjustments as well as a mute button for cutting off input.

Corsair HS50 – Volume controls


As we discussed earlier, the HS50 is primarily being pushed as a budget console headset.  There are currently three variants:




Each of these colors are designated for Xbox, PS4, or Nintendo’s Switch.  Although that seems to be the idea, you’re able to pick up any set for $49 US and they will work with whichever console (or all three) you decide to use them on.  They can also be used with PC as previously mentioned.

What’s the catch?

Although this is aimed at the entry level crowd and is a first timer in the console arena, there is always some small room for improvement.

The biggest miss seems to be the non-removable headset cord.  Granted, this isn’t a wireless headset, but for storage sake, it would have been nice.

Corsair HS50 – Missing mic cover

The removable mic port cover is small and not attached.  It is likely to be the first item lost when removed for the first time.

What all of this means….

Corsair has done a great job in the past in their PC peripherals department at pushing our what people want, and adding the quality they need.  They seem to have taken a gamble here getting into the Console market, and I believe it’s going to pay off for you the consumer.

The quality of this headset does not have a budget feel, but instead makes you feel like it was an investment well made.  The sound quality of the 50mm speakers are crisp, and have some dept without being over the top.

Corsair HS50 – Great quality, better price

Finally, the materials used to put this headset together really help to make your game play more immersive whether it’s a quick two rounds or two hours.

Will you be picking a set of these up, or do you think your money is spent better elsewhere?  Let us know below!


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