Corsair Light Loop Fans – Review and First Look

Corsair LL140 Fans

The beginning of the RGB’s

RGB appears to be one of the biggest trends in PC customization since the realization of cable management.  The ability to customize a build and it’s themes is a simple as a quick adjustment in a components provided software.  Although there are many companies who have seemingly jumped on the RGB train across various hardware platforms, there seems to be only a couple brands really advancing.  Corsair has definitely been one of those brands.

About a year ago, Corsair announced their new HD120 and SP120 series fans.  Although these looked great, they didn’t quite meet the expectations of some.  The first miss was that both series we only controllable with a provided hardware switch.  It allowed for a handful of colors and several color modes, but didn’t match what NZXT was doing with their HUE+.

A few months later we saw the addition of the Lighting Node Pro to Corsairs line which allowed for the connectivity of RGB components with Corsairs Link software.  The kit also provided the addition of LED RGB lighting strips.  Although this combination of the Lighting Node Pro and the HD120 fans provided a complete solution, some were not keen on the design of the fans bezel.  Corsair has now refined their software and hardware needs and has provided us the answer.

Light Loop In-Bound

LL140 Retail Packaging
LL140 Retail Packaging

Earlier last month, Corsair announced the latest addition to their RGB line-up; the LL120 and LL140 fans.  These Fans get their name from their dual Light Loop design.  As the names suggest, these LL series fans come in a 140mm and 120mm variant.

LL120 and LL140 Variants
LL120 and LL140 Variants

The outer ring of the LL’s includes 12 individual LEDs and the inner ring includes 4 LEDs for a total of 16 addressable RGB LED’s per fan.  The LED strips are covered in a clear matte plastic shroud allowing for a more even distribution of the LED’s.

Each fan has a similar quality frame to that of their ML cousins with anti-vibration corner pads.  The bezel is solid black with clear fan fins.  The fins are clear in order to help light from the inner and outer ring to disperse and blend evenly around the fan.

Tech Specs

LL140 showing 4-Pin PWM and 4-Pin RGB connectors
LL140 showing 4-Pin PWM and 4-Pin RGB connectors

Each LL Fan is equipped with 4-pin PWM connectors for full PWM control.  These fans are rated at 600-1,300 RPMs.  The fan blades themselves were designed for a more quiet operation but still shouldn’t impact flows in comparison to other comparable case fans.

Airflow for the LL 140’s is rated at 51.5 CFM while sound levels are rated at 25 dBA.  Operating Voltage is rated between 7V – 13.2V.  Airflow on the LL 120’s is rated at 43.25 CFM with a sound level of 24.8 dBA.  Operating voltage for the LL120’s is the same as the LL140’s, between 7V – 13.2V.

Lighting Node Pro, 6-port RGB hub, USB, Node to hub cable, and LL fans
Lighting Node Pro, 6-port RGB hub, USB, Node to hub cable, and LL fans

Additionally, each fan is equipped with a 4-pin RGB connector which will go back to the provided 6-port RGB hub.  This hub connects direct to the Lighting Node Pro, and allows communication for a max of 6 fans per Lighting Node Pro.


HD120 Fan on left compared to LL140 fans mounted at top
HD120 Fan on left compared to LL140 fans mounted at top

RGB being the main premium addition to these fans, there has to be some way to control the lighting effects.  In the started kit, you will receive a Corsair Lighting Node Pro.  As covered in my video review (here), this controller allow’s communication between Corsair’s RGB fans, and your PC leveraging the Corsair LINK App.

Adding fans to the app is only a few clicks away.  Once the associated fans have been added into LINK, Corsair (currently) has the following lighting modes:

  • Pong
  • Color Wave
  • Visor
  • Marquee
  • Sequential
  • Arc
  • Heartbeat
  • Rainbow Wave
  • Addition static Options


LL120 Retail packaging and included contents
LL120 Retail packaging and included contents

Corsair as always has provided several package options for the LL series fans for many scenarios.  See Links at the end of this post.

The LL120’s come individually for $34.99 US, or in a 3-pack with the Lighting Node Pro for $119.99 US.  The LL140 variant is priced individually at $39.99 US or in a twin pack with the Lighting Node Pro for $99.99 US.

Worth it?

LL140 demo shot
LL140 demo shot

These fans definitely have a premium price tag in comparison to many other case fans on the market.  RGB is something that’s typically loved or hated, but never needed.  If you’re looking to add some flare to your build without being married to a specific color theme, these fans are currently probably your best bet for the RGB option.

If you’re looking for a new case fan for your next build and are assuming the higher price equates to a superior case fan, then you will probably be disappointed to find these fans are just as good as many of the other non-RGB and more budget friendly case fans.

Let me know your thoughts.  Will these fans be in your next build, or is the RGB hype overrated?

Feel free to check out my video review on YouTube: