NZXT’s AIO Family Grows With the Kraken X72 and Kraken M22

Welcome to the NZXT Family

NZXT started their AIO  Kraken line-up mid 2014 with the announcment of the X41, X51, and X61 coolers.  These coolers were know for their efficient cooling capabilities, and RGB functionality.  These were such a hit that NZXT followed up a little over two years later with the announcement of the X42, X52, and X62 variants.  These next gen coolers are more efficient, and include a flashy infinity mirror with dual channel RGB customizability.

With success continuing to follow the line, it looks like NZXT has decided to expand the family of AIO coolers again with the Announcement of the X72, and M22 coolers

Kraken X72

The X72 is the largest AIO cooler from NZXT yet.  It is rated as a 360mm radiator equipped with triple NZXT 120mm Aer P120 fans.  Although rated at 360mm, NZXT notes the actual measurement checking in at 394mm x 120mm x 27mm.  This will be a great fit for those who have a larger form factor case and are going for maximum performance and CPU cooling.

Kraken X72 – Photo compliments of

Kraken M22

The M22 is located at the opposite end of the spectrum being the smallest addition to the Kraken family.  The M22 is rated as a 120mm radiator and is equipped with a single NZXT 120mm Aer P120 fan.  This radiator measures in at 152mm x 120mm x 32mm.  This AIO will be a great fit for those trying to put together a compact build but also wanting to maximize cooling.

Kraken M22 – Photo compliments of

But what CAM it do?

Just like previous models of the Kraken line, you can expect to be managing configuration of your cooler using the CAM software.  This application has a ton of functionality once you’re comfortable with it.  In relation to the Kraken line, CAM will basically allow you to control fan curves, adjust RGB functions, and monitor CPU temperatures with ease.

RGB functionality includes anything from static colors to dual flashing modes.  You can even configure the colors to mirror the temp zones of your CPU.  Maybe you want green to mean “you’re in a good temp zone” and red to mean, “ramp up the fans.”

Pricing and availability

The X72 and M22 are available for pre-order now from NZXT directly.  The X72 has a price-point of $199 while the M22 is at $99.  If you’re planning to pre-order you can expect to see shipment as early as March 26th 2018.

Kraken X72 Installed – Photo compliments of

With this new announcement, I think it’s safe to say the Kraken family is here to stay.  Will you be considering these coolers in your next build?

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