Antec P110 Luce Review – Best PC Case of 2017

There was a time that seems like an eternity ago where no matter what kind of PC you were building Antec had the answer when it came to the ultimate case.  Key features were always a boatload of drive bays, ton’s of room for storage, and sometimes, you could pick one up that had fans with lights in them.  Yea…that’s right, there were LED’s insiiiide the fans.  These cases always had a way of sticking out on the shelf too because of all the fancy retail boxes they came out with.  To this day, I’m pretty sure any of us that go to Newegg and look up top rated cases, will find that glorious Antec 900 in at least the top 3 if it hasn’t been de-crowned as the king of cases.  

The big question?  What happened to them?  There was a while there, when Antec really kind of fell off the map.  They didn’t seem to be keeping up with the current trends.  Their cases seemed to meet the needs, but weren’t as aesthetically pleasing as we once expected.

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