Corsair New Mice 2019 – Best New Mice

Corsair RGB Mouse Line-up 2019

What a time to be a PC gamer. The availability of peripherals seems to grow by the day, and optimization and functionality are constantly improving. Lets not forget to mention – we can RGB all of the things.

It’s that time of year again where techies gather round and see what vendors have to offer at CES 2019. Corsair as always came front and center on our radar with the announcement of their new line-up of gaming mice.
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NZXT HUE 2 RGB Review – The Best New PC RGB Solution


RGB Lighting in the PC is something that will provide your build with with a unique design, that never goes stale.  Looking for the correct and complete solution can be the difference between an epic addition and a nightmare.

NZXT has always been one of the front runners when it comes to RGB solutions, and their new line on HUE 2 products is Continue reading “NZXT HUE 2 RGB Review – The Best New PC RGB Solution”

Corsair Light Loop Fans – Review and First Look

Corsair LL140 Fans

The beginning of the RGB’s

RGB appears to be one of the biggest trends in PC customization since the realization of cable management.  The ability to customize a build and it’s themes is a simple as a quick adjustment in a components provided software.  Although there are many companies who have seemingly jumped on the RGB train across various hardware platforms, there seems to be only a couple brands really advancing.  Corsair has definitely been one of those brands. Continue reading “Corsair Light Loop Fans – Review and First Look”